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Outdoor Waterproof Floodlight

Outdoor Waterproof Floodlight

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About the Product 

  • 106 super-bright LEDs provide powerful illumination for outdoor spaces.
  • Solar-powered: Harnesses solar energy to charge during the day and illuminate your space at night.
  • Motion sensor: Detects movement within a range and automatically turns on the light.
  • Waterproof design ensures durability and functionality in various weather conditions.
  • Remote control: Easily adjust settings and modes from a distance for added convenience.
  • Three modes: Choose from different lighting modes to suit your needs - constant light, dim light sensor mode, and sensor mode.
  • Perfect for patios, garages, backyards, and other outdoor areas requiring added security and visibility.
  • Easy to install and setup without the need for wiring or additional power sources.
  • Energy-efficient and eco-friendly lighting solution.


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